An Interview with Thomas Werninghaus, Kyocera

Are there any exciting new projects that Kyocera are working on that will benefit the advanced materials industry in the future? After recent acquisitions in Germany, we will get involved in production and commercialization of gallium nitride (GaN) products and start incorporating these into existing parts, equipment, and system technologies to create a comprehensive system.… Continue

An Interview with Sarah Chapman, 3M

You have worked at 3M for over 16 years, how has science / advanced materials sector changed during this time? When I started at 3M, I was responsible for paper-based regulatory submissions – now our customers can visit our automation labs virtually – so the shift to digital has been exciting and tangible in my… Continue

An Interview with Ben Walsh, Deputy Director at Innovate UK.

An Interview with Ben Walsh, Deputy Director at Innovate UK. We spoke to The Advanced Materials Show speaker, Innovate UK Ben Walsh about current trends and topics in Advanced Materials as well as personal career highlights and goals.   Interested in hearing Ben speak live? Landon will be speaking in our session: Making Materials Manufacturing… Continue

Anton Paar launches first Nanoindentation tester for everyone

Instrumented indentation testing is a very important yet very sophisticated and expensive method to determine a material’s hardness and elastic properties. Hit 300 is a premium and highly affordable nanoindentation instrument built for every user and every type of environment. The simplified user interface is intuitive, automation enables up to 600 measurements per hour, and… Continue


Sedgefield, UK, February 10th, 2022: Graphene Composites (GC), has invented a unique coating for air filters, GC Halo™ that destroys viruses and bacteria on contact. Designed to be effective against all Covid variants including Omicron, GC Halo treated air filters will help create cleaner and safer indoor air. GC, a world leader in nanomaterials engineering,… Continue

First Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 in the UK delivered to government-backed research facility in Wales

UK’s first Lithoz CeraFab Multi 2M30 has been installed at Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult headquartered in Newport, South Wales This ground-breaking 3D printer can combine materials unlike ever before, opening the door to entirely new multifunctional applications With its research on this cutting-edge 2M printer, CSA Catapult will contribute to a new dimension of… Continue

Driving XRD: Anton Paar launches powder diffractometer XRDynamic 500

Anton Paar introduces its own powder diffractometer after supplying non‑ambient XRD attachments and pioneering the SAXS sector for many years. XRDynamic 500 is a fully automated multipurpose X-ray powder diffractometer for the laboratory combining unbeatable data quality with up to a 50 % increase in measurement efficiency. XRDynamic 500: Driving XRD.   The core of… Continue