Advanced Electrical and Mechanical Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization from Concept Scientific Instruments

Concept Scientific Instruments (represented by Mi-Net Technology Ltd in the UK & Ireland) is a scientific equipment manufacturer specializing in Atomic Force Microscopy. In this article by Louis Pacheco and Nicolas F. Martinez we discuss the use of modes for advanced electrical and mechanical AFM characterization. Recent advances with brand-new materials such as graphene require … Continued

Prepare for your return to work with the SteriType Antibacterial Range

It has been well documented that good hygiene practices are essential to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. In the midst of a global pandemic, keeping surfaces and yourself clean at all times is more important than ever before. Face masks and PPE have been introduced as a measure of additional protection, but what protects … Continued

3dpbm Releases New AM Focus 2020 eBook Addressing Advanced Materials in Additive Manufacturing

Fourth eBook in AM Focus 2020 Series Provides Unique Insights into 3D Printing with Technical Ceramics, Composites, Advanced Polymers and Refractory Metals 3dpbm, a leading provider of high-quality news, analysis and specialized content for the additive manufacturing space is excited and proud to present the fourth edition of the company’s AM Focus eBook series. This … Continued

Ceramic 3D printing for fast, safe and cheaper production of vaccines

The NESSIE research project makes it possible for the first time to produce highly complex vaccines in large quantities at low cost using ceramic 3D printing. The novel process makes vaccines available to countries that previously could not afford the high cost of essential vaccines such as measles or rubella. The recent pandemic caused by … Continued

Lithoz unveils new CeraVision tool and CeraDoc software for remote tracking and monitoring ceramic 3D printing process

Lithoz today released its new CeraVision tool and set of features to real-time monitor and control 3D printing process from remote via live-video transmission giving users an all-new way to interact with their printers. On top of this, the new CeraVision tool, available for the CeraFab printers’ family, is designed to detect and automatically correct … Continued

Unlocking the Innovation Behind Contactless Locker Access

In the grip of a global pandemic, hygiene practises are more important now than ever before. As a company, SteriTouch have always prided themselves on creating antibacterial solutions for a vast range of products and applications. Working with eLocker has pushed innovation to the next level. eLocker has created a solution for hospitals and the … Continued

An international Research Network publishes manual for simulating additively manufactured cooling channels with open-source software

Additive manufacturing, which is often referred to as 3-D printing, enables the creation of complex internal structures. A successful application of this capability is tools with optimised internal cooling channels. Such near-contour cooling geometries can efficiently temper tools to improve quality, durability and productivity. However, the design of such channels requires reliable simulation, which is … Continued

The Advanced Materials Show announces its global launch in the USA

Following the enormous success of The Advanced Materials Show, which first launched in the UK last year, the organiser of the pioneering expo has announced the launch of a dedicated show for advanced materials in the USA this autumn. The Advanced Materials Show USA taking place in Edison NJ, will showcase the very latest in … Continued