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PI-KEM Launches NEW Website

PI-KEM launched their brand-new website, showcasing the range of products they can source, the services they provide and giving insight into why PI-KEM is the go-to supplier for advanced materials and equipment.   The website has been specifically designed to be easy to navigate & translate, accessible, and demonstrate how PI-KEM can support innovative… Continue

Powder Metallurgy Review Spring 2024: Featured Articles

The Spring 2024 issue of Powder Metallurgy Review is out now! This issue includes the following deep-dive articles: From powder modification to rejuvenation: Fluidised Bed Reactors in metal powder production and Additive Manufacturing Fluidised Bed Reactors (FDRs) will be new to many in the Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing industries. The technology offers a host… Continue


Nanomaterials design for a highly efficient heat sink and a thermal transfer fluid. This patent is for a heat management system that would protect vehicles – including ships and high-speed aircraft – from heat damage. Our GC Heat Management System has an engineered, potentially self-powered nanomaterials design that includes a highly efficient heat sink and… Continue

Duvelco: Introducing a New Era with Ducoya

The polyimide industry has historically been marked by scarce availability and premium pricing. However, Ducoya emerges as a ground-breaking development, leveraging six decades of polyimide application to revolutionise performance, accessibility, and cost. This innovation expands the utility of polyimides in challenging environments and combines Duvelco‘s agility with innovative technological advancements. The Transformative Impact of Ducoya… Continue

Using Surface Analysis to Understand your Materials

Surface analysis is the process of determining the structure, characteristics and elemental composition of a surface down to atomic-level resolution. It plays an integral role in materials engineering. A surface layer is the point that a material interacts with the environment, reacts with other materials or comes into contact with people. At Warwick, we have… Continue

NEW: Sodium Materials for Energy R+D

Due to sodium’s abundance within the earth’s crust, Na-ion battery technology is a new and fast-growing Energy Research area. Following the increase in demand, we have all the materials, chemicals, components and equipment you need to help accelerate your Na-ion battery research: Sodium discs & foils Our discs are pre-cut to size for ease of… Continue

Public Analyst Scientific Services Using New KEYENCE Digital Microscope for Food Tests

This KEYENCE Digital Microscope is invaluable to Public Analyst Scientific Services, as it helps with the production of detailed images of foreign bodies. These images are often included in sample reports where a clear and detailed image is important for end clients. “After consideration, we decided to acquire a VHX Series Digital Microscope from KEYENCE”… Continue

GlaxoSmithKline Banks on the Flexibility of KEYENCE’s Vision Systems

Every minute, 15,000 patients around the world take a dose of medication produced at GSK Evreux. This high production volume entails a highly complex traceability system. One of the inhaled forms produced by GSK is the Diskus, a multidose powder inhaler that delivers a metered dose of medication. The marking of each Diskus is checked… Continue