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Public Analyst Scientific Services Using New KEYENCE Digital Microscope for Food Tests

This KEYENCE Digital Microscope is invaluable to Public Analyst Scientific Services, as it helps with the production of detailed images of foreign bodies. These images are often included in sample reports where a clear and detailed image is important for end clients. “After consideration, we decided to acquire a VHX Series Digital Microscope from KEYENCE”… Continue

GlaxoSmithKline Banks on the Flexibility of KEYENCE’s Vision Systems

Every minute, 15,000 patients around the world take a dose of medication produced at GSK Evreux. This high production volume entails a highly complex traceability system. One of the inhaled forms produced by GSK is the Diskus, a multidose powder inhaler that delivers a metered dose of medication. The marking of each Diskus is checked… Continue

KEYENCE Instant High-Precision Measurement System Slashes Final Inspection Failures and Pays for Itself in Months.

Based in Glenrothes, Scotland, Euro Precision is a medium-sized precision engineering company, that over recent years, has experienced substantial growth and now has customers in a range of industry sectors, including Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas and Automotive.  Euro Precision has worked hard at reducing any technical issues that might be affecting its levels of… Continue

KEYENCE VHX-7000 is Helping Archaeologists Improve Their Understanding of the Ancient World

The Archaeology Department of the University of Liverpool has carried out two ground-breaking projects that have improved our understanding of how human culture developed in ancient times. Playing a key role in that research has been the KEYENCE VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope. The VHX-7000 was used to gather information on the different kinds of corrosion… Continue

DOE vs Bayesian Optimization: A Comparison

  Design of Experiments (DOE) and Bayesian Optimization are two popular methods employed in various fields for optimizing processes, systems, or products. They are particularly useful in scenarios where the objective function is expensive to evaluate, noisy, or lacks a closed-form expression. In this article, we will provide a comparison between these two methods, including… Continue

Thermo Fisher Scientific presents at Advanced Materials Show workflow for preparing and protecting air-sensitive battery samples for electron microscopy characterization

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, presents at this year’s Advanced Materials Show the Thermo Scientific™ Inert Gas Sample Transfer (IGST) Workflow, designed to enable new insights into the world of air-sensitive materials. At the stand, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s experts will provide insights into how the IGST workflow can allow battery researchers… Continue

Manchester’s Graphene Commercialisation Hub is a Trusted Game-change

The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), based at The University of Manchester, is a unique innovation accelerator that is focused on lab-to-market applications for the nanomaterial graphene and other 2D materials. The GEIC – which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year – has been working with industry partners to accelerate the development of a… Continue

Case Study Carbon Capture 2023 by NovoMof

“People worldwide are worried about climate change and are actively looking for ways to help mitigate it. However, recent United Nations Climate Change Reports show that efforts to keep the downward trend in greenhouse emissions need to be reinforced. To meet the climate goals under the Paris agreement, national governments are called to strengthen their… Continue