Martin Dowson

For 20 years Martin has been at the forefront of the electrification revolution in the automotive industry developing the first hybrids, plug-in hybrids and production BEVs in the UK.

Since moving to academia, he has worked as the Chief Engineer for electrification at WMG, Warwick University helping industry exploit academic innovation with the growth in electrification across sectors, from micro mobility through to aerospace.

Most recently he has taken up the role of Director Electrification HVM Catapult with the aim of securing the electrification supply chain in the UK, developing a coherent battery scale up eco-system across HVM Catapults, linked to the Faraday Battery Challenge and their investment in UKBIC.

In addition, he supports several industry steering & advisory groups on battery strategy, safety, and technology road-mapping, including The Faraday Battery Challenge, Auto-Council / APC, Aerospace Technology Institute, The Faraday Institution, & Defence.