Impact of Particle Size Analyst

Small changes in material can result in big differences in finished product.

  • Not as smooth, you could even say gritty?
  • Experiencing a change in product colour?
  • The product does not mix up fully when shaken, as directed?

The solution you’ve been looking for; the Bettersizer S3 Plus – particle size and shape analyser

  • Fast, reliable, reproducible results
  • Easy to use
  • Particle measurement range from 0.01 – 3,500 µm
  • Easy operation and intuitive software interface
  • Enormous 600ml standard bath volume

A customer came to us with two samples of the same product taken on two separate days. Their quality control had identified that the two samples differed in colour and one was not as smooth, it seemed almost gritty in texture.

We ran the samples on the Bettersizer S3 Plus to show the particle distributions and see the particles. The quality department were able to use this data to understand the differences between the two samples and where in one case the product was perfect, it had peaks at different sizes, the other had one large peak of the much larger sized particle. The mean particle size in the bad sample, was almost double the mean size in the good sample and the bad sample contained none of the smaller product.

We worked with the customers R&D group to optimise their manufacturing process and hence improve product control, this was then passed on to QC to help with their pass/fail criteria.

The customer was so impressed with the ease of which they were able to obtain this data they purchased an instrument and are now using it for quality control checks, on a daily basis and by R&D when required, to ensure their product is conforming to their standards every day.

We look forward to showing you the Bettersizer S3 Plus at the Advanced materials Show.