Exhibitor Spotlight with Levidian

Levidian will be exhibiting at The Advanced Materials Show, Stand 2024. 

What advanced materials do you specialise in?

Levidian specialises in the sustainable production of a high-quality carbon material in the form of graphene. Our graphene is a product of our patented decarbonisation technology – LOOP – which cracks methane into hydrogen and graphene. Our graphene is primarily offered as few-layer non-functionalised graphene which we call G3, with other variations available depending on customer need.

We also have a dedicated in-house team, Levidian Applied Technologies (LAT), that helps customers integrate our graphene into their products to enhance performance, decarbonise and add value. Leveraging extensive knowledge on how to treat, mix, measure and handle graphene, LAT guides customers on how to use it, characterise it and integrate it into different materials and systems.

LAT can also develop advanced materials and solutions which are customised to individual customer needs; designed to seamlessly integrate with existing production processes with minimal disruption.


Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

Levidian makes graphene using cold plasma chemistry, allowing for the production of high-purity graphene from the simple input of methane gas. We have been awarded Verified Graphene Producer® status by The Graphene Council, recognising our ability to produce a consistent, quality-controlled graphene product from anywhere in the world.

The primary benefits of our graphene are:

  • Low-energy, bottom-up production with no additives or catalysts

We produce graphene from methane using patented technology – the Levidian LOOP


  • Unlimited scale and predictable quality

Our process enables the efficient volume production of ultra-high-quality graphene. Through our network of LOOPs around the world, Levidian is able to produce large volumes of consistent material to give you the opportunity to utilise graphene at scale


  • Carbon negative when produced from waste gas

Methane is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases. LOOP can take this gas and lock the carbon into graphene, while simultaneously producing clean hydrogen that can either be used or separated and stored


Are there any exciting developments happening within the industry or your company that you can share with us?

 The graphene industry is growing and innovating, with companies identifying solutions that the graphene family of materials can offer across a vast range of industries. Our own activities have identified that significant improvements can be delivered to the performance of materials in multiple applications when our graphene is used as either an additive or a bulk filler.

In tyre applications for example, we recently announced the launch of the Levidian prototype truck tyre, with graphene enhanced rubber tread. By adding graphene to the tread compound, the tyre can be made both lighter and with lower rolling resistance, leading to up to 4% gains in fuel efficiency.

In concrete applications, we have demonstrated that small additions of our graphene can lead to a 7-day early cure strength (up to 26-66% stronger) and 15-35% enhanced overall compressive strength. This additional strength means up to 25% less cement can be used in the mix, reducing the carbon footprint by 20kg of CO2e per tonne of concrete.

In batteries, Levidian’s ability to offer battery manufacturers the option to produce their own high-performance carbon materials (with their own LOOP) sustainably and cost-effectively is a game changer for an industry plagued by raw material supply chain troubles and sustainability and circularity concerns. Levidian’s customers are now demonstrating performance enhancements from our graphene across a wide spectrum of anode and cathode chemistries.


If attendees should know one thing about your company, what would it be?

We are a British climate tech business that turns carbon captured from our decarbonisation process into a source of competitive advantage by using it to enhance the performance and sustainability of products and processes.


What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Advanced Materials Show?

Levidian will showcase how we can help industries to decarbonise across three core pillars: carbon capture, carbon prevention, and carbon utilisation. We are particularly looking forward to talking to visitors about the range of applications in which our graphene can be used to increase performance and sustainability.

Graphene has become a hugely important additive for performance enablement of advanced materials. Now Levidian can offer on-site carbon production for our customers using LOOP technology, strengthening supply chain security for key manufacturing facilities, and meeting the major demand volumes in critical areas such as battery production.


What are you most looking forward to at The Advanced Materials Show?

We’re looking forward to engaging with show visitors to discuss their next generation material challenges, bringing to life our technology and products, and demonstrating how we can support their innovation and sustainability goals.