Crushing without cross-contamination by IKA

/// MultiDrive control with autoclavable disposable tubes

Staufen, 12 February 2021 – Crushing, grinding, mixing, weighing and measuring: MultiDrive control can do everything and above all prevents cross-contamination. It works with disposable tubes that are autoclavable and reusable.

MultiDrive control can crush, grind and mix hard, soft or fibrous samples. 1,000 watts and a large number of vessels ensure perfect adaptation to any type of coarse and fine crushing. The disposable tubes are a special feature: They are autoclavable. Even when used multiple times, they effectively prevent cross-contamination. BT 250.5 is a blending tube with a cross-shaped stainless steel beater and flow breakers. MT 150.5 is a mixing tube with a stainless steel beater.

In addition, MultiDrive control measures the temperature in the vessel and weighs the samples in the beaker. Annoying transfer of contents is no longer necessary. The device is suitable for pharmacy, medicine, the food industry, biology or the biomass sector.

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