An Interview with LayerOne’s Chief Commercial Officer, Allessandro Dani



The Advanced Materials Show recently had the pleasure to interview Allessandro Dani, Chief Commercial Officer of LayerOne, regarding their latest developments, and what they will be bringing to their stand at the upcoming show this June. LayerOne is world leading manufacturer of high-quality graphene and graphene oxide materials used as specialty additives to enhance the performance of many industrial products, such as composites, coatings, batteries, lubricants, and membranes for water and air filtration.

Read the full interview below!


What advanced materials do you specialise in?

We specialize in manufacturing graphene and graphene oxide on a large scale.


Please explain the benefits of your speciality.

Graphene and Graphene Oxide are specialty additives that can significantly enhance the performance and sustainability of a wide range of end products. Referred to as wonder materials, they have the ability to improve the mechanical strength of polymers, concrete, and epoxy resins, as well as enhance the thermal and electrical conductivity of polymers and rubber while providing flame-retardant properties. Graphene materials can also provide anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion properties when used in coatings, and act as friction reducers in lubricants.

Are there any exciting developments that is happening within the industry or your company that you can share with us?

Graphene Oxide is currently being used in the water filtration market, making it possible to efficiently capture emerging contaminants such as heavy metals, drugs and PFAS. We work in collaboration with a customer that developed a compact filtration system using graphene oxide as additive in the polymeric hollow fibre membranes. Graphene Oxide is essential because of its adsorption properties, allowing for the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants. The technology will make it possible to provide clean and safe tap water for everyone faster and cheaper than with conventional methods, and can significantly reduce the consumption of bottled water.



If attendees should know one thing about your company, what would it be?

We are dedicated to collaborating with our customers to create custom graphene materials that cater to their specific requirements in terms of performance, sustainability, and scalability. We aim to expand production to deliver cost-competitive solutions that enable the industrial application of graphene materials.


What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Advanced Materials Show?

We will showcase our superior graphene products and demonstrate their potential for various applications and industries.


What are you most looking forward to at The Advanced Materials Show?

Reach out to new customers and partners to establish connections for collaborative development of ground-breaking graphene-based products that have the potential to revolutionize the world.


LayerOne will be exhibiting at the upcoming show, visit them on stand 1407 for more!