The Advanced Materials Show USA

Spread over two days, The Advanced Materials Show is the dedicated show for end users, product developers, OEM’s and the entire material manufacturing supply chain. Those who visit will have a shared focus on seeking the latest materials, innovations and technology and will find new products, suppliers and partners all under one roof.

The Advanced Materials Show is in partnership with the prestigious conference series, MS&T.

  • Unique insight into current and future materials development, with visitors hearing from leading experts from across the industry.
  • Free-to-attend exhibition and world-class conference dedicated to high-performance materials technology. Register your interest here.
  • 150+ exhibitors covering the entire supply chain from material manufacturers through to scientific instruments and processing equipment.
  • Modern materials innovation across industries including space/aerospace, automotive, energy, renewables, medical, electronics, construction and defence.
  • Materials on display will include the latest in nanomaterials, composites, polymers, ceramics, adhesives and sealants, coatings, foams, metals, textiles and thermoplastics.