Speaker Information – Digital Event

Speaker Information – Digital Event (1 – 4 December 2020)

Speaker Welcome

The co-located  events, The Advanced Materials Show, Ceramics UK, Battery Cells & Systems Expo and Vehicle Electrification Expo are delighted to welcome you as a speaker at our Knowledge and Networking Digital Event, 1 – 4 December 2020 – thank you for your support, especially in these unprecedented times.

This page has been designed to help you prepare for your virtual speaking opportunity with us, so please take the time to explore it thoroughly. We trust all your questions will be answered, however, if this is not the case, please email our Operations Director, lauren.morrey@event-partners.org , who will be happy to assist you.

Let’s Talk Tech

  • Our event platform of choice for this digital offering is Grip, an AI-powered networking and content delivery solution
  • All speakers will receive login details for the platform, so you can network with our exhibitors, attendees and each other, attend live sessions of interest or catch up on content you’ve missed
  • All of our conference sessions will take place on Zoom, which seamlessly integrates into the Grip platform
  • Speakers will be send a Zoom invitation for their session and participate in a rehearsal 1 week prior, to ensure you are comfortable with the set-up
  • All live sessions will be recorded and available to watch on-demand afterwards, via the Grip platform

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now!

  1. You will be sent a Zoom invitation for your session – you don’t have to have a Zoom account, however it is advisable to and that you download the Zoom Desktop App
  2. Your invitation link will be valid for both your rehearsal and your live session; please make sure you save it to your calendar
  3. If you are participating in a session that includes presentations supported by PowerPoint files, please make sure you submit your deck no later than 7 days prior to your session, in 16:9 format, to lauren.morrey@event-partners.org
  4. Where possible, it is advisable to have a hardline connection to your wi-fi router, for stable internet on the day
  5. Please make sure you login to your live session, using the invitation link provided, 30 minutes before the start time, for final run-throughs and checks with the Event Team prior to broadcasting live

What’s Happening and When?

  • 1 December – Battery Cells & Systems Day
  • 2 December – Advanced Materials Day
  • 3 December – Vehicle Electrification Day
  • 4 December – Ceramics Day

Please click here to view the full 4-day agenda

Information for Moderators

  • Live sessions will be broadcast 5 minutes prior to the advertised start time, to allow attendees to join
  • During this time a holding slide will be displayed, your video will be off but your audio will be on. We ask that you periodically welcome the audience and let them know we’ll be starting soon
  • When we are ready to start the session, your camera will be turned on
  • You will be provided with a Session Pack which will include housekeeping points to be shared with the audience, panellist short biographies and other information specific to your session 
  • You will be responsible for making sure your session runs to schedule and selecting questions/ comments submitted by the audience via the Q&A function in zoom, for you panellists to discuss/ address
  • You can use the panellist chat function to message your panellists and/or the event team, should you have any issues

Information for Panellists

  • The moderator will introduce the webinar and run through the housekeeping points – at this point, panellist cameras and audio will be turned off
  • When the moderator moves to introduces panellists with short biographies, panellist cameras will be turned on and all speakers will be visible to the audience in Gallery View
  • Audio will also be enabled at this time – please make sure you mute yourself if you are not speaking 
  • Did you know? The space bar acts as a temporary mute/ unmute button so if you are just interjecting, you can hold the spacebar as long as you wish to talk – good for open discussion sections
  • You can use the panellist chat function to message your moderator/ each other and/or the event team, should you have any issues
  • If you are making a presentation in your session, slide advancement will be managed by the Event Team. Please say ‘next slide please’ when you are ready to move forward

Information for Pre-Recorded Content

If you are unable to participate in a live session due to time differences, scheduling conflicts or you’ve been specifically asked to pre-record your content, here are some top tips to help you create your contribution to the programme:

  • All videos to begin with the person saying their name, role and company
  • Wear smart/casual clothes, ideally in plain, bright colours (no patterns)
  • Ensure the room is well-lit and there isn’t a shadow across the screen
  • Camera angle: to be angled slightly down towards your face, rather than upwards
  • Seating: sit back in the chair, try not to sit too close to the camera
  • To be shot against a neutral background. Not necessarily a plain white background, which can be draining. But nothing too busy – i.e. not in front of a bookcase or in a kitchen.  Office/home-working set up is fine
  • Shot indoors only
  • If your recording includes narrated slides, consider using loom.com so that you are still visible as you present
  • Please submit your video recording/ narrated slides no later than 7 days prior to your scheduled session, to lauren.morrey@event-partners.org

Zoom Troubleshooting

Please click here for some of the common problems people may experience with Zoom and how to fix them.


Please email our Operations Director, lauren.morrey@event-partners.org who will be happy to help you!