Exhibitor FAQ’s


My Stand

What is included in my contract?

  • Exhibitor contracts are for RAW FLOOR SPACE ONLY, unless otherwise agreed
  • All exhibitors MUST order or supply carpet/ flooring and walls for their stand, as a minimum

How do I find out my stand number and size?

Where can I view my exhibitor listing?

Building My Stand

How do I order a stand package, carpet, electrics, graphics etc?

  • Emblem Events & Exhibitions are the official general services contractor for the event
  • They can provide stand fittings, services and utilities
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

What do I need to order/ supply?

  • All stands MUST have walls and carpet/ flooring
  • Please note that pop-up/ roller banners are not considered walling and will need to be accompanied by shell scheme
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

I have ordered a Stand Package and am bringing a backdrop – what is the height of the stand/ will my backdrop fit?

  • The height of the shell scheme walls in a stand package are 2.5m high
  • A ceiling grid and fascia will be installed giving you a final clearance height of 2.43m
  • If you backdrop/ banner/ pop-ups exceed 2.43m, please contact Sales@emblemevents.co.uk to request your ceiling grid is not installed (approval dependant on stand size, configuration etc)

Can I use my own stand builder?

  • You are welcome to appoint your own contractor to install a custom-build stand for you
  • Please make sure your contractor is familiar with the contents of this manual
  • Please complete Compulsory Stand Form 3 no later than 20 March 2024
  • Make sure the stand design adheres to our Display Rules & Regulations
  • Your stand builder must submit, no later than 20 March 2024:
    • Construction Phase Plan
    • Construction Phase Risk Assessment
    • Detailed stand plans/ designs
    • Method Statement
    • Proof of Insurance
  • Authorisation to Build will only be issued by the Organiser upon the receipt and review of these documents

What is the maximum build height for my stand?

  • The maximum stand build height is 4m
  • Stands that exceed the 4m build height may be permissible, subject to certification by a qualified Structural Engineer

What is the floor loading capacity in the halls?

  • The hall floors, including duct covers and the floor above the tunnels or other subways, can withstand a loading of 20 tonnes per square metre (2 tonnes per square foot)
  • Base plates should be designed to limit the compressive stress on the floor of the Building to 200KN per sqm unless the total load on a base plate is 50KN or less, in which case a minimum 300mm square plate must be used

Do I need insurance?

  • YES – whilst the organisers take every precaution to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage
  • You must ensure you take out adequate insurance cover for the period of your participation
  • You are responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties
  • Both your employers liability and public liability insurance values should be not less than £5 million each, per occurrence

Ordering Services and Equipment for My Stand

Who are the main contractors for the event?

  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to view our official contactors, the services they are able to offer you and the necessary order forms/ contact details

Event Schedule – to view the full schedule please click HERE

When can I build-up my stand?

  • Custom-Build Stand Contractors:
    • Monday 13 May 2024: 9.00am – 7.00pm
    • Tuesday 14 May 2024: 7.00am – 7.00pm
  • Shell Scheme, Stand Package & Self-Build Exhibitors:
    • Tuesday 14 May 2024: 9.00am – 7.00pm
  • All Exhibitors will also have access to the Halls from 8.00am on Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March, prior to the show opening at 9.30am

What are the show opening hours?

  • Wednesday 15 May 2024: 9.30am – 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 15 May 2024: 4.30pm – 5.30pm  (Evening Reception)
  • Thursday 16 May 2024: 9.30am – 4.30pm

When can I breakdown my stand?

  • The show closes on 16 May 2024 at 4.30pm; breakdown will commence at 5.00pm
  • 30 mins will be required after show close to ensure visitors have vacated the halls and the mains power has been switched off
  • At 5.00pm:
    • Exhibits can be removed from the halls
    • Structural dismantling of stands can commence
    • Stored empties/ crates will be delivered to stands

Exhibitor Badges and Customer Invitations

How do I get my exhibitor badge?

  • Please click HERE to order your exhibitor badges
  • Badges are complimentary and unlimited and will be sent to you by email
  • It is highly advisable to print your badges prior to arrival, to fast-track your entry to the halls
  • Alternatively, they can be printed onsite at the Registration Area in the entrance to Hall 3
  • NOTE: if you are using your own contractor to build your stand, it is not necessary to register them for exhibitor badges

How do I invite my customers to the event?

  • As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to invite clients or nominate individuals, as VIP guests
  • For more information please contact our VIP Relationship Manager, Sarah Daniels: sarah.daniels@event-partners.com

What do I get access to?

Please wear your exhibitor badge at all times onsite to access the following:

  • Exhibition Halls 3 & 3A at the NEC, Birmingham
  • Free-to-attend Advanced Materials Show and Advanced Ceramics Show conference, taking place in Hall 3A. To view the conference agenda please visit our website
  • Free-to-attend Battery Cells & Systems and Vehicle Electrification conference, taking place in Hall 3. To view the conference agenda, please visit our website
  • Evening Reception in the halls on Wednesday 15 May 2024, 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Shipping & Handling

Can I hand-carry items for my stand into the hall myself?

  • You are welcome to hand-carry smaller items into the hall, or use your own trolley
  • Exhibitors hand carrying items should enter the building via the Piazza entrance and access the halls from the front
  • The NEC operates free shuttle buses that run continuously around the NEC site and car parks during events, usually starting one hour before and finishing one hour after the exhibition. (Available on show open days only).
  • If you require forklift assistance for larger items, you must pre-order this service from the official shipping & handling contractor, European International Fairs
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

Where can I ship my materials to?

  • Please visit the Stand Services Page for full shipping instructions
  • If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our partner, European International Fairs
    • Alternatively, consider making use of the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments

Travel Information 

What is the venue address?

  • Halls 3 & 3A, NEC (National Exhibition Centre), North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham, B40 1NT

How do I get to the venue?

I am driving to the venue – where can I park and what is the cost?

  • To view the NEC Site Map, please click HERE
  • Please view the NEC Parking & Traffic Information Leaflet
  • When you arrive at the NEC, please follow the digital road signage for MATS BAT EV XPO
  • Build-up 
    • Exhibitors who need to use the lorry way at the rear of Halls 3 & 3A to unload:
      • Should report to the designated lorry park (South 3) for the show
      • From here you will be directed down to the rear of the relevant halls when space becomes available
      • Lorry way access, if required, MUST be booked in advance of arriving onsite using the NEC’s Online Event Delivery System, Voyage Control
      • To use Voyage Control, set up an account and add payment card details – the card will NOT be charged if your vehicle is removed from the unloading area within the allocated time. Please note the overstay charge has increased to £75.00 from 2022
      • Please click HERE to access Voyage Control
      • Please click HERE for Voyage Control instructions
      • Once unloaded you will be directed to relocate your vehicle to Car Parks East 1 – 4
    • Exhibitors who can hand carry smaller items (or have use of own trolley) into Halls 3 & 3A:
      • Please use Car Parks East 1 – 4 and enter the building via the Piazza entrance to access the halls from the front
      • The NEC operates free shuttle buses that run continuously around the NEC site and car parks during events, usually starting one hour before and finishing one hour after the exhibition. (Available on show open days only).
    • NOTE: there is no cost to park at the NEC during the build-up phase
  • Show Open Days
    • 2 x complimentary passes will be provided per stand for parking in Car Parks East 1 – 4 on show open days (28 – 29 June 2023)
    • These passes can be collected from the Organiser at the Exhibitor Services Desk (#901) on 27 June 2023 from 1.00pm – 4.00pm, alternatively, you can pick up your parking passes on the day of your arrival, if this is a show open day, as these are checked on departure
    • Additional standard parking is available from £12.95; view options HERE
    • Alternatively, Exhibitor Advantage Parking can be booked (£34.95), subject to availability

I need to book a hotel – have you secured any preferential rates at nearby?

  • Please visit our Accommodation Page , to view and book one of our partner hotels

Facilities/ Services

What facilities are there at the show?

  • Toilets – in the Piazza, at the front of the halls and inside the halls, along the side walls
  • Cloakroom and cashpoint facilities – in the Piazza, at the front of the halls
  • Build-up/ Breakdown Catering Outlets – will be open in the Piazza
  • Show Open Catering Outlets – will be open at the sides of both halls 

Is there free Wi-Fi?

  • The NEC provides a free Wi-Fi service named _NEC FREE WI-FI; no code is required to access it
  • This Wi-Fi network can understandably become highly trafficked/ saturated incredibly quickly; it is suitable for light browsing only and connectivity is not guaranteed
  • Exhibitors who require guaranteed internet access on their stand should order a hardline connection from the NEC
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

Is stand cleaning provided?

  • A pre-clean of all exhibition stands prior to the start of the show is included
  • A daily clean of all exhibition stands during the show is included
  • This cleaning comprises of vacuuming of stands and removal of normal waste/ rubbish
  • This service excludes the cleaning of exhibits and upper levels of multi-storey stands
  • Further cleaning requirements can be ordered from the NEC
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

Will there be security?

  • General hall security will be provided during build-up, show open days and breakdown
  • The halls will also be locked and patrolled overnight
  • Exhibitors are reminded take their own precautions against theft, and be vigilant at all times
  • If you have high value items like equipment/ machinery on your stand, you may wish to order your own dedicated on-stand security personnel from the NEC
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

Can I book a meeting/ conference room?

  • Contact the venue directly, who will be able to advise of meeting room availability and costs: Nec-Conferences@necgroup.co.uk
  • Please mention the show name and dates in your email, so the enquiry is handled by the correct person

Can I serve coffee on my stand?

I’ve forgotten something. Is there anywhere onsite where I can purchase supplies?

  • Yes, you can find the Expo Supplies shop out the back of Halls 3 & 3A
  • For more information and directions, please view their website, linked HERE

I have a question that is not covered in the FAQ’s – who do I contact?