Deliveries & Loading/ Unloading

Advanced Shipments:

  • The venue does not have a warehousing facility and cannot accept advance freight shipments
  • Arrangements should be made with our official Shipping & Handling partner, DB Event Logistics, for advance shipments to their warehouse
  • For further information, please visit the Stand Services Page

Direct-to-Venue Shipments:

  • If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our official Shipping & Handling partner, DB Event Logistics
  • For further information, please visit the Stand Services Page

Loading/ Unloading:

  • Build-Up
    • Vehicles should follow the digital road signage at the NEC for MATS BAT EV XPO
    • On arrival to site, all vehicles requiring use of the lorry way at the rear of Halls 3 & 3A to unload, should report to the designated lorry park (North 12) for the show. From here they will be directed down to the rear of the relevant halls when space becomes available
    • Lorry way access, if required, MUST be booked in advance of arriving onsite using the NEC’s Online Event Delivery System, Voyage Control
    • To use Voyage Control, set up an account and add payment card details – the card will NOT be charged if your vehicle is removed from the unloading area within the allocated time. Please note the overstay charge is £100.00.
    • Please click HERE to access Voyage Control
    • Please click HERE for Voyage Control instructions
    • All stock and materials should be unloaded as quickly as possible; the vehicle will then be asked to relocate to an alternative parking area
    • This will help free up space for more vehicles to gain access to the rear of the halls
    • Vehicles that do not require access to the rear of the halls to unload (i.e. exhibitors that can hand-carry smaller items) should park in car parks East 1 – 4 and enter the building via the Piazza Entrance
      • The NEC operates free shuttle buses that run continuously around the NEC site and car parks during events, usually starting one hour before and finishing one hour after the exhibition (available on show open days only).
  • Breakdown
    • Breakdown will commence 30 minutes after show close/ once ALL visitors have vacated the halls and the mains power supply has been switched off
    • The Voyage Control booking system does NOT apply for breakdown
    • Cars and small vans will have priority to access the rear of the halls via Gate 1 once the show has closed
    • Larger vehicles will be queued on the designated lorry park (North 11) from 7.15am on the morning of breakdown
    • They will be sent down to the back of the halls once space becomes available
    • Please note there may be a delay in releasing vehicles; however we do endeavour to ensure all vehicles are allowed down to the rear of the halls as soon as possible
  • Due to health, safety and liability reasons, DB Event Logistics Limited will be the ONLY company permitted to operate mechanical lifting equipment (i.e. forklifts etc) at the event both inside and outside the halls.
    • Please contact to book forklift unloading or reloading services
    • Services may also be ordered directly online here