NAEC Stoneleigh, 8th and 9th July 2020

2019 Conference Agenda


Wednesday 10th July - Stage A1: Advanced Composites
Wednesday 10th July - Stage A2: Nanomaterials


A1: Opening Plenary – Leaders in Advanced Materials

09.30 - 10.30

The advanced materials sector in the UK is currently booming, backed by significant government investment and an active and innovative pool of R&D talent from both academia and industry. The impact of this innovation can be dramatic and far-reaching, benefitting a range of sectors by improving performance and optimising efficiency in vehicles, aircraft, pipelines, electronics and a host of other applications.

This session will bring together leading figures in the UK responsible for some of the biggest investments in advanced material research and development. The panel will discuss current priorities, state of the market, opportunities for the industry and where their respective organisations are investing funds and resources in 2019 and beyond.

James Baker,
University of Manchester

Sheetal Handa,
Associate Director BP-ICAM,

Steven Harris,
Head of External Partnerships & Programmes,
BAE Systems


A2: Graphene & 2D Materials Industry Snapshot: Success Stories and Challenges

10:45 - 11:45

First discovered in Manchester in 2004, graphene has been widely touted as a ‘wonder material’ with the potential to disrupt a number of industries and offer vast improvements in material performance for a range of applications.

Graphene is part of a family of 2D and carbon-based nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, a material synthesised over 20 years prior to graphene first being discovered. This session will provide a snapshot of successful applications, discussed by the global leaders in this field. Learn how nanomaterials are being used to improve product performance with practical advice and real-life case studies.

Terrance Barkan,
Executive Director,
The Graphene Council

Bernhard Münzing,
Sales Director,
The Sixth Element

Christoph Siara,
Sales and Marketing Director EMEA,
OCSiAl Group

Michael Edwards,
Advanced Materials Business Unit Director,
Thomas Swan Advanced Materials


A1: Innovations in Lightweighting

10:45 - 11:45

Sponsored by

Driven by technological advancements in electric mobility along with pressure to improve efficiency and performance, the aerospace and automotive sectors demand innovative solutions to reduce the weight of the materials they use.

Due to the volume of composites used throughout these applications, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to reduce weight without compromising on performance or increasing costs.

This session will cover approaches to lightweighting in composites with a focus on innovative solutions. It will also provide a broad understanding of the materials available and the potential benefits to the end user.

Enrique Garcia,
National Composites Centre

Friedrich Wolff,
Application Engineer,

Richard Thompson,
Commercial Director,


A2: Ready for Industry? From Research to Mass Manufacture

12:00 - 13:00

In the world of research and materials science, there are truly incredible things being achieved in laboratories around the world. Industrial and societal challenges can be overcome through material innovation but only if they make it out of the laboratory and into the real world. Manufacturing processes, consistency of production, safety and finance are just some of the considerations when it comes to taking a material to market.

This session will feature experts in this area and will provide a broad overview of the considerations for scaling up and successfully navigating the so-called ‘valley of death’. This part of the programme will also include real-world case studies, support networks that are available and a global look at how other countries get from research to mass manufacture.

Lisa Friedersdorf,
National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

Ivica Kolaric, Dipl.-Ing. FH MBA,
Head of Department - Functional Materials,
Fraunhofer IPA

Ben Walsh,
Innovation Lead - Advanced Materials,
Innovate UK

Rune Wendelbo,


A1: Innovations in Composites - Part 1

12:00 - 13:00

Composite materials are used in a wide array of applications. Choosing a composite over a single material offers benefits such as improved strength, wear and corrosion resistance, better thermal properties and electrical conductivity.

This session will take a look at the advanced materials and developments that are giving composite materials dramatically improved performance.

Leila Bonnaud,
Senior Scientist and Project Leader,

Dominic Hopwood,
Resin Sales Manager - Composites,

Stamo Mentizi,
Marketing Manager Business Opportunities,

Adam Harris,
Managing Director,
C-Therm Technologies



A1: Innovations in Composites - Part 2

14:00 - 15:00

Composite materials are used in a wide array of applications. Choosing a composite over a single material offers benefits such as improved strength, wear and corrosion resistance, better thermal properties and electrical conductivity.

This session will take a look at the advanced materials and developments that are giving composite materials dramatically improved performance.

Stephen Hodge,
Head of Research,

John Lutton,
Sales & Marketing Manager,
Creative Composites


A2: Nanoelectronic Materials – Design and Development

14:00 - 15:00

The ongoing improvements in nanoelectronic materials are opening up a world of possibilities within the electronics field along with a host of other applications. With the technology developing rapidly, effective measurement, characterisation and analysis is essential to progress in this field.

This panel will discuss the technological improvements in the measurement, modelling and analysis of new materials essential to the development and application of nanoelectronics materials.

Prof. Fernando Castro,
Head of Materials Science & Engineering,
National Physical Laboratory

Prof. Ravi Silva,
Director of Advanced Technology Institute,
University of Surrey

Dr Gareth Conduit,
CTO and co-founder Intellegens,


A1: Sustainability - UK Circular Plastics Network

15:30 - 16:30

The sustainability of plastics has come under intense scrutiny recently, leading to a number of initiatives designed to reduce the amount of plastic material going to landfill. Within high-value manufacturing, polymers are an essential material either used on their own or combined with others to create a composite. Any strategy to reduce the amount of plastics reaching landfill must allow for the continued, competitive use of these materials.

This session will look at what is being done today to address the issues of sustainability in polymers and composite materials and what industry can do to improve their sustainability credentials.

Dr Sally Beken,
Fellow IOM3,
UK Circular Plastics Network

Christian Fischer,
CEO & Founder,


A2: Analysis and Characterisation for 2D Materials

15:30 - 16:30

In order to effectively work with materials such as graphene, an effective means of analysis is required to understand the behaviours and interactions of the subject materials.

Working at the nanoscale, a range of technologies and techniques have been developed to help analyse materials invisible to the naked eye or even to most means of magnification.

This session will feature some of the leaders in the field of analysis and characterisation with a look at new technology, processes and techniques helping in the development process when using graphene and 2D materials.

Adam Holland,
Applications Manager,

Dr. Ferdinand Bartels,

Tim Nunney,
Marketing Manager, Surface Analysis & Microanalysis,
ThermoFisher Scientific


Drinks reception

16:30 - 18:00


Thursday 11th July - Stage A1: Nanomaterials and Additive Manufacturing
Thursday 11th July - Stage A2: Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering


A2: Nanomaterial Development - Processing and Manufacturing Nanomaterials at Commercial Scale

09:30 - 11:00

Nanotechnology has proven benefits for a number of applications and affects a wide range of industries. Despite this wide reach, many major players in the materials sector have been slow to adopt the technology and realise the potential of nanomaterials.

Processing and manufacturing nanomaterials at scale requires specialised equipment and more importantly, specialist knowledge. This panel session will cover practical considerations and case studies related to the processing and manufacturing of nanomaterials at scale. Featuring experts from around the world, this session will provide unmissable insight into working at high volumes with nanomaterials.

Claire Skentelbery,
Director General,
Nanotechnology Industries Association

Landon Mertz,

Ed Lester,
Technical Director,
Promethean Particles

Tom Taylor,
Director of Future Business,
Centre for Process Innovation


A1: Innovations in Advanced Coatings

09:30 - 11:00

Coatings can give materials highly desirable properties including electrical conductivity, corrosion & wear resistance and improved thermal properties. With new developments in the field, advanced coatings are being used to create highly-functional and in some cases multi-functional materials.

This session will take a look at some of the most exciting developments in advanced coatings. Our panel will examine how new developments are helping the industry to improve the performance of their products or assets. Learn what is possible today and how these technologies are being used in real-world situations.

Prof. Paul V. Braun,
Illinois Materials Research Laboratory

Robin Francis,
Chief Technical Officer,

Patrick Dodds,
Hexigone Inhibitors

Bernhard Münzing,
Sales Director,
The Sixth Element

Dr. Eur. Ing. Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak,
Senior Project Leader - Functional Coating & Resins,
Joining Technologies Group


A2: Nano Safety – Safe by Design

11:15 - 12:15

Nanomaterial development is moving at such a pace that often the practical considerations such as safety, struggle to keep pace with the scientific innovation. Whilst working in such a dynamic sector creates the opportunity to transform industries – this only works if the materials and manufacturing environment are safe for everyone involved in the process. 

This session will examine safety considerations and give real world, practical insight into manufacturing processes that can be put in place to ensure a safe environment for personnel, customers and end users. 

Dr Sean Kelly,
Senior Project Manager,
Nanotechnology Industries Association

Professor Eugenia Valsami-Jones,
Director of FENAC,
University of Birmingham

Selina Ambrose,
Technical Manager,
Promethean Particles

Prof. Barry Park,
GBP Consulting Ltd


A1: Digital Manufacturing in Coatings - Lessons From Other High-Value Industries

11:15 - 12:15

Manufacturing industries are modernising and whilst ‘Industry 4.0’ has become something of a buzzword, it does represent a change that cannot be ignored. Many high-value manufacturing industries are seeing real benefits from the effects of digitalisation with some quick to embrace the associated technologies.

The coatings industry could be one of the major beneficiaries of digitalisation and whilst some of the larger players may have a digitalisation strategy, there is certainly more that can be done to improve efficiencies throughout the sector.

This panel will explore the benefits and look at strategies for digitalisation within the coatings sector.

Prof. Allan Matthews,
The BP International Centre for Advanced Materials

Dr. Bryan Alcock,
TRL9 Ready

Andrew Cowey,
Head of Digitalisation,



A2: Global Regulations and standards for nanomaterials

13:15 - 14:15

Whilst regulation and standardisation are often viewed as barriers to enterprise, for end users and many producers, these regulations are essential to ensuring consistency in both supply and output. For companies working with nanomaterials, a robust regulatory framework and effective standardisation need to be in place to create confidence throughout the supply chain.

This session will feature global experts working with nanomaterials and will provide a snapshot of current regulatory requirements along with active discussion regarding future rules and standards.

Lisa Friedersdorf,
National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

Martin Kemp,
Nanomaterials Specialist,

Andrew Pollard,
Industry Standardisation Leader - National Graphene Metrology Centre,
National Physical Laboratory


A1: Designing Right First Time – Measurement and Precision

13:15 - 14:15

Surface engineering is an essential and integral element within many high-value industries. There is a reliance on the sector to deliver consistent performance whilst continually innovating – a situation which presents great opportunity but also comes with little margin for error in the development process.

This session will look at the latest techniques and technology in the metrology field allowing scientists and engineers to achieve desired properties efficiently and accurately.

Prof. Mark Gee,
Fellow in the Materials Division,
National Physical Laboratory

Nishil Malde,
Product Manager,
Anton Paar


A2: Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing

14:30 - 15:30

Additive manufacturing as a production process has established itself as an efficient alternative to more traditional means of manufacturing. We are now starting to see unique benefits from this technology meaning not only are other methods matched, but engineers are able to produce components and materials that are far more complex and with superior properties.

Much of the benefit is the ability to 3D print using a variety of materials depending on the desired quality of the finished item. This session will examine some of the advanced materials being used in additive manufacturing and the opportunities that advanced materials offer.

Dr Ian Mellor,
Managing Director - Technology & Materials Discovery,

Sami Daouk,
Business Development Manager,

Graham Lindsay,
Vice President of Sales,

John Robinson,
Senior Engineering Technician,
University of Wolverhampton


Innovate UK and KTN Session

14:30 - 15:30

Building relationships, contacts and knowledge to accelerate innovations in advanced materials.
Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is Innovate UK’s network partner. KTN helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. KTN links new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through our network of businesses, universities, funders and investors.

Dr Robert Quarshie,
Head of Materials and Nanotechnology,
The Knowledge Transfer Network

Dr Sally Beken,
Fellow IOM3,
UK Circular Plastics Network

Dr Brian J. McCarthy,
Knowledge Transfer Manager,
The Knowledge Transfer Network


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