The International Centre, Telford. 10th - 11th July 2019

Agenda at a glance

Offering unique insight into current and future materials development featuring world class speakers addressing the key challenges and opportunities facing the advanced materials sector. 

Agenda At A Glance


Track 1: Graphene, 2D materials and Nanomaterials  

Sessions will include: 

- Graphene & 2D Materials Industry snapshot: Success stories and challenges  

- Ready for industry? From research to mass manufacture  

- Next steps: Future applications  

- Nanoelectronic materials – design and development  

- Analysis and characterisation – new techniques and technology  

- Nano safety: nanomaterial design with safety in mind


Track 2: Metals & Alloys 

Sessions will include:  

- Industry snapshot: Latest developments and opportunities  

- Advanced metals for additive manufacturing  

- Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing 

- Nanotechnology and advanced metals 

- Analysis and characterisation  

- Testing: New techniques and technologies


Track 3: Surface Engineering & Advanced Coatings 

Sessions will include:  

- Industry snapshot: Latest developments and opportunities 

- Digital manufacturing: lessons from other high value industries  

- Testing: New techniques & technologies  

- Designing right first time – measurement and precision  

- Incorporating nanomaterials in coatings


Track 4: Composites & Polymers  

Sessions will include:  

- Industry snapshot: Latest developments and opportunities 

- Incorporating nanomaterials in composites  

- Analysis and characterisation   

- Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing composites 

- Testing: New techniques and technologies  


Please note this agenda is subject to change. 


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