The UK’s Leading Advanced Materials Conference in 2022


What to expect in 2022?


The programme for the conference is close to completion, with attendees set to hear the very latest information on our dual themes of materials innovation and materials industrialisation from renowned industry leaders.

With an agenda packed with panel discussions, keynote talks, on-stage interviews and extended Q&A sessions, the conference will provide constructive insight on the latest R&D advances and the most exciting market developments for your business, now and in future.


These key areas will be under discussion


  • Placing Sustainability at the Heart of Advanced Materials Fabrication and Application
  • The Role of Advanced Materials Innovation in Mitigating Carbon Emissions
  • Improving Agility in Materials Manufacturing Process Innovation
  • Developing Durable Non-Toxic Coatings for Corrosive Environments
  • Harnessing the Power of Additive Manufacturing in Advanced Materials
  • Transportation Lightweighting for Planet and Profit
  • Making Materials Manufacturing Sustainable
  • Sustainability and the Semiconductor – Breaking the ‘Smaller, Faster, Cheaper’ Innovation Mantra
  • Enabling Durable Urban Development with Smarter Materials
  • Meeting Next-Generation Composites and Polymer Application Requirements

Speaker highlights



We have more than 100+ speakers confirmed for these events and are delighted to introduce the first of them here. Our speakers and advisory board have been instrumental in guiding the event content over the past 2 years.