Thermal Conductivity Brand Konduct Launch Brand New Website

Konduct supply thermally conductive polymer compounds to solve all thermal management challenges, assisting with design, prototype production as well as material testing. To support this exciting new brand on behalf of Radical Materials, we have launched a comprehensive new website containing information on the following Products & Applications:

1. Thermally Conductive – A well designed thermally conductive polymer can potentially, under certain conditions, perform equally as well as a metal. Konduct can assist in developing and supplying conductive polymer compound to meet your specific thermal management challenges.

2. Electrically Conductive – Polymers are typically classed as electronically insulating materials and are often used for insulation applications in electrical devices. However, there are many applications which call for traditional benefits of polymers over, for example, metals (low weight, no corrosion etc) whilst also requiring specific levels of electrical conductivity.

3. Automotive – As automotive applications become more demanding and technologies such as all-electric vehicles grow, the potential applications and benefits of thermally conductive polymers will grow alongside.

4. Electrical – As applications miniaturize due to technology advancements and space constraints, heat build-up and dissipation are becoming of increasing importance. Adding metal cooling components can be difficult, therefore the use of thermally conductive polymers can be an effective solution for you and your products.

5. Lighting – Heat generated from LED lights must be dissipated properly in order to ensure operation to full potential. Traditionally, aluminium heat sinks have been used, but more and more designers are opting to use thermally conductive plastics.

The new Konduct website also has an extensive FAQ & Glossary section. We know that not everyone will be an expert in thermal & electrical polymer technology – That’s what we’re here for! We have answered many of your technical questions relating to our various processes and terminologies.

Craig Evans, Design & Marketing Manager for Konduct, had this to say: “With steady advancements in electronic vehicles along with a growing requirement for thermal conductivity within the plastics industry, now is the perfect time to introduce our new brand to the world. We are proud to be able to showcase our website as the go-to platform for everything thermally conductive.”

If you are currently looking for a heat management application for your polymer compound products, please visit our new website or contact us via