Spotlight on Exhibitor – Nanoe

What has been your organisation’s biggest achievement in 2018/19?

In fall 2018, Nanoe launched two new brands: Zetamix ceramic and metal 3D printing filaments. And also, Zetaprint a FDM process 3D printer.

What products/technology will you be showcasing at the Ceramics UK?

From our perspective as a raw material supplier, our experts will be presenting on our booth the latest developments in Nanopowders on the one side and everything about the materials and Zetaprint system on the other. A live demo will be also shown during the Ceramics UK.

What technologies or materials do you specialise in?

Nanoe is a supplier of Ceramic raw materials for High Tech industries. Our products are specifically designed for the sintering of high-performance ceramics and metal.

We produce powders and mix of powders with binders, which are used by our customer to actually produce ceramic parts. Typical products are alumina, zirconia and alumina/zirconia composites (ZTA).

For the Zetamix filaments, we developed filaments charged in alumina, white zirconia, black zirconia, ZTA, stainless steel. Materials in development include silicon carbide, silicon nitride and tungsten carbide. These filaments are suitable for many 3D printing FDM machines.

If visitors should know one thing about your company and experience, what would it be?

At Nanoe, we have always strived to make ready-to-use products. This had led up to adapt our powders to different shaping process used by customer, such as pressing, casting and Ceramic Injection Modelling (CIM).

In addition, we have launched Zetamix, a line of ceramic and metal filament that are compatible with any FDM printer. Indeed, Nanoe works with customer to reduce their product development lead times by facilitating prototyping with end-use materials. This technology is completely new in the market and we’re ready to adapt to any new technology.

What might surprise people about your work and applications with ceramics?

We did surprise our customer last year by launching this new 3d printing technology, Zetamix. And especially, the accessibility and ease of use of this technology compared to other is one of its main advantage. This is truly the first desktop ceramic 3d printer, and we believe it is a game changer. Obviously, we will be demonstrating the technology on our booth at Ceramics UK.

At the beginning of the year you expanded your global presence by opening an office in Ohio. How does this expansion benefit your customer base, especially in the USA?

Nanoe opens a new office at Youngstown in Ohio in order to be closer to our customers.
This new office will lay the platform to bring these filaments near to the users.

Nanoe’s mission is to bring the full potential of nanotechnology to advanced ceramics manufacturers. Can you tell us about a recent application where this mission has been realised?

A good example of our work with customer is the development of dedicated ZTA for wear parts application in semiconductor industry. By adapting the material composition and leveraging the potential of nanomaterials, we have increased the life expectancy of our customers tools, which allows in turn huge savings on downtime and maintenance cost.

The introduction of nanomaterials creates the opportunity for innovations across a wide range of applications. Do you have any new product development plans that you can tell us about?

Our product dev plan for the coming year is centred on 3d printing material. We plan to launch new materials, among which silicium carbide, tungsten carbide and some metal filaments. We will also launch materials compatible with other 3d printing processes. To know more, you will have to come to our booth!