Robin Mottram

Gaining a PhD in the Production of Neodymium Iron Magnets from the University of Birmingham in 1999 under Professor Rex Harris. He Joined Morgan Advanced Materials in 2000 in the Vacuum Schmeltzer division; manufacturing magnets in Kentucky USA.

His career has subsequently passed though manufacturing, product and process development. Including leading the Thermal Ceramics Asia R&D Teams, whilst based in Japan. Highlights include the introducing the world leading low bio persistence fibre brands of Superwool into a production sites in China and South Korea. Reducing the energy intensity of the production of refractory fibres by 50%, and the sulphur emission foot prints of Insulating fire bricks by 95%.

For the last 3 Years he has been leading Thermal Ceramics global developments to ensure their products are on a glide path to Net Zero production by 2050 and that the correct innovations are made so that customers can benefit on their own carbon reduction journey, through the use of Morgan Advanced Materials products.