Ben Harries

Ben Harries is Head of 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) at Versarien, an advanced engineering materials group leading a team of 3 trained robotic arm printer operatives.

With degrees in science journalism, architecture and town planning, Ben has practised architecture across a range of sectors and lectured at Universities and colleges on the subjects of architecture and 3DCP. He recently began studying for a part-time PhD at the University of Cambridge, focusing on 3D printing for highways infrastructure. He previously worked with the Water Research Centre (WRC), part of RSK Group, to help them develop their own infrastructure printing capability.


Ben has long been fascinated with 3DCP as a means of democratising architecture – a way of making good design affordable and accessible. In his career as an architect, Ben has seen the need for faster, more efficient and more reliable methods of constructing buildings and infrastructure; automating construction is crucial to addressing this need.