Anthony Khoraych

Meet Anthony, a distinguished Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Waterloo with an MBA specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A thought leader in the field of lubrication aeration, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for enhancing the safety and efficiency of various modes of transportation. 

 With a career underpinned by a robust engineering background and sharpened by business acumen, Anthony has dedicated his efforts to the intersection of technology and practical application. His comprehensive understanding of mechanical systems is not just academic but also fueled by a hands-on, adrenaline-rich experience as a licensed boat captain, motorcyclist, and pilot. 

 Anthony’s keynote will not only delve into the technicalities of aeration in lubrication but will also navigate the broader implications of these systems in transportation safety and performance. Attendees can expect a session that couples technical depth with an innovative perspective on efficiency and sustainability. 

 When not engineering solutions or sharing insights on the speaker circuit, Anthony is an outdoor enthusiast who values quality time with family, advocating for a work-life balance that energizes and inspires. 

 Join us in welcoming Anthony Khoraych to the Lubrication and Bearing Expo, where he will propel our understanding of aeration in lubrication to new heights.