How to get to grips with Grip (Q&A)

What is Grip?

The Advanced Materials Show and Ceramics UK have partnered with Grip, an AI-Powered Matchmaking Platform that allows you to discover our unmissable line-up of conference sessions at this free event and add to your schedule. As well as connect and arrange meetings with our fantastic exhibitors and expand your professional network;

Grip allows you:

  • To make connections with significant people you would not have met at the event otherwise
  • Recommend you the right people to meet at The Advanced Materials Show and Ceramics UK
  • To expand your professional network
  • To create business opportunities with other event attendees
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Registering for The Advanced Materials Show will give you access to the grip platform where you can start your networking journey. Register here.

How do I use Grip once I have registered?

We have created a custom dedicated visitors guide just for our attendees to make it as easy as possible for you to start your networking journey. Download it below.

PRO TIP: To get the best recommendations of people to meet and increase the chances that people accept your meeting request, one element is absolutely crucial: complete your profile! Add a profile image, fill out your summary and select your preferences in the event-specific questions.

Who can I contact if I have an issue with the Grip platform?

The first port of call is the Support page Grip have created to answer general FAQs however our support team are more than happy to help you with anything you need. Please contact them on the following email address: