Exhibitor Spotlight on CDS Group

What technologies or materials do you specialise in?

Any material that requires an advanced thermal processing solution, from low temperature drying & curing, through to sintering, furnaces and high temperature kiln firings, whilst minimising energy usage.

Advanced ceramics are core element for many industries including aviation, aerospace and medical etc. How does CDS contribute to the ever-growing ceramics industry?

With over 35 years’ experience in the main ceramic sectors, and as new materials / technology develops, we are constantly changing our approach in offering bespoke thermal processing systems and associated automation to meet the ever increasing demands of new customers, new production process and new materials.

CDS are partners of the MICG (Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group) which is aiming to position the midlands as a world leader in advanced ceramics. They have mentioned that collectively the aim is to tackle the barriers to expansion the industry faces. Could you tell us more about CDS groups involvement?

As a fellow member of the MICG group we are working together to create solutions to the ground-breaking advancements that have been made locally by member companies. We are assisting by implementing our experience and technical knowhow / thermal technology to provide bespoke equipment for the future.

You have an incredible set of companies that you have done work for, could you tell us what makes CDS stand out?

Our flexible approach, being by far the largest and most established company to offer thermal solutions, has helped us to work with premier blue-chip organisations to process advanced ceramic materials.

CDS has developed introduced into the marketplace a ‘new’ concept in process drying “R-O2 Technology”. Could you tell us about this exciting development?

This new technology has helped the CDS group to offer significant costs benefits, huge energy reductions and the ability to thermally process difficult and complex advanced materials, thus avoiding cracking and distortion issues whilst mitigating uneven moisture migration.

CDS was founded in 1983 and has a significant portfolio. Could you tell me about one of the companies’ best achievements to date?

We are currently working with many blue-chip companies both in the UK market and overseas, but from our experience gained over the last 35 years in the ceramics sector, our ability to diversify and offer bespoke thermal processing solutions has allowed the CDS group to significantly contribute in the advanced ceramics sector in addition to other key market areas.