Exhibitor Spotlight Interview- EpiValence

We had the pleasure to interview a representative of EpiValence, a speciality chemical manufacturer supplying high purity products for Semiconductor, Fibre, Pharmaceutical and other niche applications. To support rapid progress in the field of electronics, EpiValence focus on working in collaboration with organisations searching for advanced chemicals and materials. Starting with research and development through pilot scale to full scale manufacture, EpiValence offers capabilities to meet requirements now and in the future.

Read the full interview below.

EpiValence is a highly focussed manufacturer of select niche chemicals. Could you give some examples of technical applications where your chemicals are being used?

‘EpiValence produce a broad spectrum of materials which are predominantly used in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) applications. Although historically the primary market for these techniques of depositing materials was the Semiconductor market, we are now being introduced into new applications, for example Pharmaceutical and Coating applications. As with any new application, there is a lot of development in the early stages and customers see EpiValence as proven partner to carry out this development and having the experience of taking a process to high volume manufacturing. Other applications which have the same needs as the Semiconductor market (i.e. repeatable, high purity, quality driven manufacturing) are Optic Fibres, 3D printing and Battery technology, where we are introducing new materials to meet our customers’ needs and expectations in the future.


Can you walk us through the process and techniques of how you manufacture Semiconductors and other applications?

‘EpiValence synthesise and supply Globally high purity precursors for Semiconductor and niche applications. We have proprietary in-house manufacturing techniques, which enable us to manipulate air and moisture reactive compounds. For this reason, safety and quality are paramount for the well-being of our staff and our customers, meaning we have incredibly robust systems and protocol which we follow. This includes not only the production of these compounds but also the safe handling and filing of bespoke metal containers (bubblers). EpiValence offer a complete turnkey solution for bubblers including re-prep, repair and refilling.’


Are there any recent developments or advancements in new applications and molecules?

‘Our development team is continually looking at new applications and molecules, this had led to the expansion in our offering of new novel materials. New materials often require new synthesis strategies, and our experienced team are continually striving to meet our customers requirements. With the introduction of new materials, there is always the need to take it from the small lab development scale to a larger commercial scale, this includes our team carrying out a process and equipment review to maintain the desired characteristics which worked for our customers at the development level.’


What will you be showcasing at your stand at the show?

‘As we cannot ‘show’ our chemistry, so we will be bringing along a bubbler to show this type of vessel and product information. As this will be the first time EpiValence are attending, we wish to promote our whole company and our capabilities which may be beneficial to a market we are not yet supplying to.’


What are you most looking forward to seeing at the show?

‘EpiValence attend a number of conferences throughout the year (i.e. Semicon West/ Europa, ALD2023, EUROCVD/ BalticALD, etc) very much tailored toward the sectors we currently supply. We are therefore excited about looking for new opportunities and potential customers, plus meet with companies from other sectors.’


EpiValence will be exhibiting with us at the upcoming Advanced Materials show. Visit them on stand 1728 to learn more about the company, their process, and latest innovations!