Duvelco: Introducing a New Era with Ducoya

The polyimide industry has historically been marked by scarce availability and premium pricing. However, Ducoya emerges as a ground-breaking development, leveraging six decades of polyimide application to revolutionise performance, accessibility, and cost. This innovation expands the utility of polyimides in challenging environments and combines Duvelco‘s agility with innovative technological advancements.

The Transformative Impact of Ducoya

Duvelco‘s commitment to overcoming traditional market limitations has led to the creation of Ducoya. This innovative material surpasses existing market standards regarding technical performance due to its unique manufacturing process, which incorporates supercritical carbon dioxide. This method produces superior material properties without harming the environment.

Ducoya G Series: A Technological Marvel

The Ducoya G series stands out for its ability to enhance product longevity, reliability, and performance, thus fostering greater profitability and reduced manufacturer operational costs. Noteworthy for its remarkable thermal stability, the Ducoya G series maintains integrity from cryogenic temperatures up to 400°C in a favourable chemical environment, with short excursions up to 600°C. Additionally, this series sets a new standard in mechanical strength, tribological performance, and chemical resistance, making it an exemplary choice for demanding applications.

Enabling Diverse Applications through Advanced Material Properties

Ducoya is used in sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor manufacturing. Thanks to its broad operational temperature range, exceptional chemical resistance, and superior mechanical properties, Ducoya is ideal for environments where traditional materials may falter.


A Future Empowered by Ducoya

In conclusion, Ducoya symbolises Duvelco‘s unyielding dedication to innovation and superior material performance. Suitable for extreme conditions, chemically resilient, and facilitating smooth operations, Ducoya is the material of choice for engineers and designers facing the most stringent requirements. Duvelco is paving the way for industries seeking enhanced efficiency and performance, driving technological advancements and economic gains forward.

Explore the vast potential of Ducoya and start your journey towards innovation and excellence. Visit our knowledge centre for more information and discover how Ducoya can transform your business.

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