Investing for Success – How to Maximise Resources and Opportunities in the UK Industry

Where is investment going in battery and EV tech? What does success look like for the UK’s battery industry when it comes to winning investment? Should we change tack and import already-economical and reliable EVs from Asia? Or should we be focused on attracting satellite operations and investment from large international players in the US or Asia? What are the environmental and economic implications of all these decisions? The future of the EV and battery manufacturing sector and what technologies, strategies and resources are needed to make it a growing success will form the basis of this short but exciting session.

Questions for discussion:

  • Is the UK EV and battery industry getting the investment it needs to succeed? How does it compare and where are the gaps in the value chain?
  • Where and how should investment be directed for maximum impact, which factors make the best environment for inward investment and does the UK and its EV and battery industry have them? If not, how can it change this?

Confirmed talks:

An Overview of the Automotive Council Electrical Energy Storage Roadmap 2024: UK and EU Battery Production and Demand

  • Dr. Hadi Moztarzadeh, Head of Technology, Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) (