Forecasting the Future – Exploring the Potential Impact of Battery & EV Breakthroughs

Take a moment to explore the future trends shaping the battery and electric vehicle (EV) industries, focusing on a broad spectrum of potential advancements and challenges. We will discuss how emerging battery technologies, beyond the current Lithium-ion paradigm, could revolutionise energy storage and efficiency. The session will also examine the evolving dynamics of EV design and manufacturing, considering factors like cost, automation, material innovation, and consumer demand. The aim is to provide a holistic view of the factors driving change in the battery and EV sectors, preparing for a rapidly evolving future.

Questions for discussion:

  • What emerging battery technologies have the potential to significantly alter the landscape of energy storage and EV efficiency?
  • How might changes in consumer behaviour and regulatory environments impact the EV industry in the next decade?
  • How will the cost profiles of EVs and batteries change?

Confirmed talks:

Expectations for EV Battery Technologies in 2030

  • Dylan Khoo, Industry Analyst, ABI Research 

Battery Costs – How Low Could They Go in The West?

  • Dr. Aaron Wade, Head of Battery Costs, CRU

Why China is Leading the Race to Sodium-ion Battery Commercialisation

  • Shazan Siddiqui, Senior Technology Analyst, IDTechEx