Cool Runnings – Mastering Thermal Efficiency in EVs

Tackling the crucial aspect of thermal management in electric vehicles, this panel will dissect the latest innovations in cooling systems and battery temperature regulation. Emphasis will be on how these technologies enhance vehicle performance, extend battery life, and ensure safety.

Questions for discussion:

  • What recent advancements in thermal management are shaping the future of EVs? 
  • How does efficient thermal management contribute to enhancing battery performance and longevity?
  • What are the current challenges in incorporating advanced cooling technologies into EVs?

Confirmed talks:

Delivering Cost-Effective Thermal Cell Barriers for Safer, Higher Performance Batteries

  • Kevin Porter, Technical Director, Tecman Advanced Material Engineers UK (a)


Novel Perspective to Mastering Thermal Efficiency in EVs

  • Dr. Mohammad Moghimi, Associate Professor of Clean Energy Technologies, Staffordshire University (a)


How to Cool a Supercar

  • Dr. Chris Smith, Principal Engineer – Electric Drive Technology, McLaren Automotive (a)