Pivotal Moment for Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials Show – the very first in the series – will take place at The Telford International Centre (Shropshire, England) from 10-11 July 2019. The launch marks the timely introduction of an event specifically structured to reveal everything that is at the cutting edge, with a strong emphasis on high-performance materials technology, innovation, design and use. Unusually for this sector, both exhibition and conference will be staged on a totally free-to-attend basis.

The Advanced Materials Show will be spread over two action-packed days and will offer an unrivalled insight into current and future materials development, with experts from all sides of the industry in attendance. The show will have over 200 exhibitors around and approximately 3,000 visitors are expected.

An advisory panel has been established and features leading names from 3M, Cerion, Imperial College, Graphene@Manchester, Innovate UK, Nanotechnology Industries Association, National Physical Laboratory, University of Manchester and Fraunhofer. his panel reflects both the diversity of the exhibition and conference and the importance being attached to them at this early stage.

“We plan to launch with a truly 360° view of the materials world and we have maximised accessibility by announcing free-to-attend entrance,” commented event director, Steve Bryan.

“This will be a pivotal event – taking in the ideas and products of OEMs, processors, suppliers, R&D centres, academia and the entire manufacturing supply chain – and should be marked as a firm date in the calendar for anyone involved in materials advancement.”

Modern materials play a critical role in the enhanced performance and continuing success of industries such as space/aerospace, automotive, energy, renewables, medical, electronics, construction and defence, and the project managers, design engineers, buyers, materials scientists and senior executives from all these sectors will discover in The Advanced Materials Show a fascinating new forum for an invaluable exchange of ideas and, of course, doing business.

Materials on display will include the latest in nanomaterials, composites, polymers, ceramics, adhesives and sealants, coatings, foams, metals, textiles and thermoplastics. This will be backed up by a major showcase of associated technologies and all the latest R&D tools, including laboratory, microscopy, measurement, analysis and characterisation equipment, alongside additive manufacturing, drying, curing, sintering, finishing and testing systems.

Confirmed exhibitors include 3M, Centre for Process Innovation, Zeiss, Malvern Panalytical, and others.

“We have noted with interest and excitement that some of Europe’s novel manufacturing sectors are now reaching critical mass, with a string of positive reactions predicted to be around the corner,” added Steve Bryan. “Our brand new show has been designed with the specific intention of providing a major uplift in materials knowledge, technology, applications and trade. We very much look forward to welcoming the whole materials community to Telford next summer.”

The inaugural show will be doubly special as it will co-locate with Ceramics UK (www.ceramics-uk.com), a one-off celebration of the importance of the ceramic manufacturing industry in Britain in the context of international trade and cooperation.