International Space Station BioFabrication Facility Improved Through 3D Printed Ceramics

On November 2 2019, a spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with supplies for the 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF). Besides human cells and bioinks for BFF, also being tested during this mission are new components of Techshot’s tissue conditioning system that were manufactured by Lithoz America, LLC. The latest round of microgravity bioprinting … Continued

Cerion Nanomaterials: One size does not fit all

To borrow from an old idiom, the field of nanotechnology continues to demonstrate that good things come in small packages. What sets nanomaterials apart from their larger sub-micron and micron-sized cousins is not simply their size, but the unique behaviours they exhibit at this smaller scale. How these behaviours are leveraged forms the foundation for enhancing existing … Continued

Thermal Conductivity Brand Konduct Launch Brand New Website

Konduct supply thermally conductive polymer compounds to solve all thermal management challenges, assisting with design, prototype production as well as material testing. To support this exciting new brand on behalf of Radical Materials, we have launched a comprehensive new website containing information on the following Products & Applications: 1. Thermally Conductive – A well designed … Continued

High-Throughput Serial production Line for Hot Pressing of Large Area Ceramic Components

J. Hennicke, H. U. Kessel, T. Kessel, H. Neeß Certain ceramic or powder metallic parts are made by pressure-assisted sintering methods, e.g. hot pressing. In the last decade, it was possible to increase the cost-efficiency of these methods significantly by the development of rapid field-assisted sintering methods, but the lengthy cooling process is still a … Continued

Quantum Design UK & Ireland now a sales partner of Lake Shore Cryotronics

Agreement combines the knowledge and application expertise of two leaders in the global scientific market January 2020; Leatherhead, Surrey Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI), distributor of high-tech scientific research instrumentation is now an authorised channel sales partner of Lake Shore products. Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leading innovator in solutions for precise, highly accurate … Continued

Graphene ‘helping to drive carmaker innovation’

Innovation in car manufacturing could soon be driven by increased application of graphene following the launch of a new supercar. The all-new Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Mono R is made using the revolutionary material and represents a higher-performance, lighter and more advanced new generation of the iconic British-made Mono supercar. It is being hailed as ‘the first … Continued

Europe’s Leading Exhibition for Advanced Materials Returns

The leading Advanced Materials Show returns on the 8th – 9th July 2020 at an exciting new venue the NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire UK. This unique, free-to-attend exhibition and conference brings together a highly focused audience, all involved in the research, production, purchasing or integration of advanced materials technology. The 2019 exhibition and conference brought together … Continued

Leading Advanced Materials Show a Resounding Success

The Advanced Materials Show 2019, hosted at the International Centre Telford last week welcomed 1,546 visitors to the two-day exhibition and conference and was hailed a resounding success by exhibitors, visitors and speakers in attendance. James Baker from the University of Manchester, the home of Graphene said “The Advanced Materials Show has brought together the … Continued

The University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Electron Microscopy, Analysis & Characterisation (ACEMAC) uses the Centaurus CL detector from Deben for geological studies.

Woolpit, United Kingdom, 26th February, 2019: Deben, a leading provider of in-situ testing stages together with innovative accessories and components for electron microscopy, reports on how the ACEMAC facility at the University of Aberdeen is using their Centaurus CL detector for geological sample studies. The Aberdeen Centre for Electron Microscopy, Analysis and Characterisation (ACEMAC) is a … Continued