An international Research Network publishes manual for simulating additively manufactured cooling channels with open-source software

Additive manufacturing, which is often referred to as 3-D printing, enables the creation of complex internal structures. A successful application of this capability is tools with optimised internal cooling channels. Such near-contour cooling geometries can efficiently temper tools to improve quality, durability and productivity. However, the design of such channels requires reliable simulation, which is … Continued

The Advanced Materials Show announces its global launch in the USA

Following the enormous success of The Advanced Materials Show, which first launched in the UK last year, the organiser of the pioneering expo has announced the launch of a dedicated show for advanced materials in the USA this autumn. The Advanced Materials Show USA taking place in Edison NJ, will showcase the very latest in … Continued

SteriType Relaunch Website To Keep Up With Demand

SteriType antimicrobial covers and sleeves have been popular within high infection areas for over twelve years. Perfect for hospitals, surgeries, dental practices and even call centres (where ‘hot desking’ is common), the need to prevent the spread of infection has always been high. SteriType keyboards and antimicrobial covers enable compliance with HTM 01-05 regulations, making … Continued

Röchling Utilise Scopic’s X-Ray and Metal Detectable Test Facilities

Röchling Fibracon Ltd. based in High Peak (within the Derbyshire Peak District, UK) has over 4 decades of experience in compression moulding of PTFE, and CNC machining of PTFE and many other high-performance polymers. A specific PTFE material in particular, developed for seals within the food industry, required both X-ray & Metal Detection testing to … Continued

The Advanced Materials Show unveils its conference programme and exclusive speaker line up

Europe’s leading event for the advanced materials industry, The Advanced Materials Show, has today released details of its conference programme for 2020 featuring exclusive insight and leading global speakers. The two-track conference, taking place on the 8th – 9th July 2020 at the NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire (UK), is free-to-attend and will bring together a highly … Continued

Why should decision makers care about additive manufacturing and ceramics?

The initial hype around 3D printing has been overcome. Machines and materials have matured, and more and more industrial users are moving up the slope of enlightenment towards the plateau of productivity. While some companies are still struggling to implement additive manufacturing processes, others have managed to revolutionize entire markets with disruptive products. Surprising is … Continued

International Space Station BioFabrication Facility Improved Through 3D Printed Ceramics

On November 2 2019, a spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with supplies for the 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF). Besides human cells and bioinks for BFF, also being tested during this mission are new components of Techshot’s tissue conditioning system that were manufactured by Lithoz America, LLC. The latest round of microgravity bioprinting … Continued

Cerion Nanomaterials: One size does not fit all

To borrow from an old idiom, the field of nanotechnology continues to demonstrate that good things come in small packages. What sets nanomaterials apart from their larger sub-micron and micron-sized cousins is not simply their size, but the unique behaviours they exhibit at this smaller scale. How these behaviours are leveraged forms the foundation for enhancing existing … Continued

Thermal Conductivity Brand Konduct Launch Brand New Website

Konduct supply thermally conductive polymer compounds to solve all thermal management challenges, assisting with design, prototype production as well as material testing. To support this exciting new brand on behalf of Radical Materials, we have launched a comprehensive new website containing information on the following Products & Applications: 1. Thermally Conductive – A well designed … Continued